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Writing creates OUCH ZONES from fingertip to collar bone. No more!

ARTHRITIS - AN INNOCENT CONSEQUENCE. Writing is a simple, very basic task with some very basic consequences as a result of doing what we've always done over the years. That is, we squeeze sideways and push down with three fingers - using the thumb, first & second fingers. Squeezing is an unconscious action. The more we write, the more and harder we seem to squeeze. That can cause Arthritis - the consequence of a seemingly innocent act performed over so many years. (EzGrip neutralizes this) Arthritis literally means "Joint Inflammation." It often results from wear & tear on the joints. It affects the cartilage & the tissue that cushions the ends of the bones grinding them down from so many years of abuse or putting too much stress on a joint causing improper alignment. This is the uniform description of arthritis by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the American Arthritis Foundation. Arthritis, as related to writing instruments, is caused by continual side-squeezing and excessive pressure. This lends to both improper joint alignment and wear-and-tear on the joints known as Degenerative Arthritis or Degenerative Arthrosis. By using only one straight extended finger tip - the first finger on the finger-comfort ledge, EzGrip overcomes each of these problem-causing characteristics. EzGrip shape does not require squeezing as is needed with conventional writing instruments. FROM FINGER-TIP TO COLLAR BONE What you do at the finger tip level can affect the wrist and up the full length of the arm. Let's direct that the opposite way.. What happens at the collar bone can affect your finger tips. The Median, Ulnar and Radial Nerves run the full length of the arm. Muscles, tendons, nerves - they're all involved in one way or other. Nothing escapes.

EzGrip can relieve finger, hand, joints, arm, and nerve problems Other pens or grips can't do that
What Writing Can Affect

A classic tale: An athlete breaks a collar bone. As a result, they cannot put pressure on their fingers to hold a pen or write without pain. The pain response runs from finger-tip to collar bone. But they can easily use EzGrip products without effort. And so a person with pain or tenderness from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis can use EzGrip products. The bare minimum pressure used is in the one straight first finger. (or finger the user chooses) The pressure goes no farther. It is not transferred up the arm. All other mechanisms involving tendons, nerves, and muscles are disconnected. They are not used. EzGrip products use a finger-comfort support ledge. It takes no pressure to hold or to use an EzGrip. Why involve an entire arm when one finger can accomplish the same thing? Maybe that's why they call them "overuse injuries." (RSI's) See: Testimonials

Don't believe us?

How Writing Affects Muscles & Nerves
Test Your Own Hand

TRY THIS ON YOUR OWN ARM Hold your writing hand palm-up
- Place the fingers of your other hand on the wrist area – as if taking your pulse.
- With your writing hand, squeeze and release your first three fingers together repeatedly -- squeezing hard. Keep squeezing on-off-on-off...
You will feel muscles and tendons in your wrist flexing. You can follow this flexing up your entire arm. While this is an exaggerated movement, this actually happens as you write.
When using EzGrip, this does not happen.
No squeezing is needed or used.
-- Squeeze only if you insist on hurting yourself