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Arthritis Expert Review "There are many different ergonomic pens available. EzGrip pen, by Dexterity Technologies Corp., claims it is ahead of the ergonomics curve. After personally using the Ezgrip ResQ Pen for several weeks, I believe the Ezgrip pen is a great solution for people with hand problems. The specially designed Ezgrip pen requires minimal downward pressure from a single finger to control it and requires a very light grip "Cons - no cons" Carol Eustice, 

Ergonomic Review of the Ezgrip Ink Pen "Does it Deliver? Yes it delivers. The Ezgrip ink pen is a good ergonomic ink pen. The comfort grip is fantastic and the finger tip ledge does all it is supposed to. It uses a standard roller ball refill so you can load it with your favorite ink. will probably find yourself reaching for the Ezgrip any time you have some serious writing to do." Chris Adams, Ergonomics.About.Com

Amy Guth -- US Book Tour Pen "I have been trying out many pens lately because carpal tunnel blows and it's a pretty big liability for a writer. I tried…" (many duds) "So, I stepped up the research a bit and finally found the Ezgrip ResQ and it is awesome. I used this funky-looking pen all day today and, I have to say, it's a keeper. Time will tell of course, but so far, I think it's going to be the perfect book tour companion. I like the pen so much that I almost want to name it. (No, you cynical jerks. Nobody paid me to say that.)" Amy Guth during her US book tour for her novel Three Fallen Women.

It’s Ugly, But It Works "If your middle finger has a Quasimodian callous from constant notetaking, the new, equally deformed-looking EZGRIP RESQ GEL PEN ($10, can help. The grip looks like someone started melting it and didn’t finish; as unattractive as this may be, the thing is certainly comfortable, allowing scrawlers to relax their hold on the barrel and reposition fingers to avoid said calluses. The ink goes on easily And evenly, though it’s not smudge free. This tester, a compulsive notetaker, was chiefly interested in the pen’s claim to prevent writer’s cramp. While it eased the pain, it didn’t eliminate it." HOLLY J MORRIS (WASHINGTON POST EXPRESS)

In Praise of Writing "I just began using my new Ezgrip ResQ Gel Pen, and I am very pleased! I have rheumatoid arthritis - not a very severe case -but I have to write a lot as a prescriber… I actually like to write - can still look at my patient while writing, and that is most important to me. I have used big fat pens with some relief of pain, but I’ve never known anything as comfortable as your pen it’s wonderful! I was raised in an age when handwriting mattered and hand-written communications were considered valuable, and an indication of sincerity. Handwriting offers a deeper dimension than my HP printer will ever provide. I love writing, and your pen helps me maintain my good penmanship." Judy Uckerman, APRN-BC Worcester MA

"I just published an article on hot-rodding ballpoints (Pentrace) in which your Grip received a quite favorable mention, as I am very fond of them. David Mason, Cambridge, MD Stop Sniveling and DO Something , or: HOW TO HOT-ROD YOUR BALLPOINT ..."Last but not least, there are little sharkey grips called ADD-A-GRIP (Ezgrip) available from Ezgrip at W.DEXTEK -- These take a completely different approach to pen ergonomics, adding a little ledge for the tip of your index finger or the side of your thumb or middle finger to rest on. I tend to use a LOT of different pens in any given day, but an Ezgrip-equipped Cross is almost certainly bound to be among them.

Today's Health & Wellness Magazine Ezgrip ResQ Pen Study - 280 persons - 86% Approval rating Summation: Most reported having to get used to the grip, not having to constantly squeeze, & holding the pen very loosely.. The most commonly used words to describe the Ezgrip ResQ Gel Pen were “Wow!” and “Awesome!” There are too many positive comments and names to publish here. Test subjects were male and female, right and left handed, wide age range. Typical Comments: "I can’t believe how comfortable it is to write with this pen.” (arthritis) Virginia, Newburgh, NY “Wow, what a difference. Everyone that used it wants to not give it back.” Kim, Woodinville, WA "This pen is so awesome. I have arthritic hands, yet I was able to write. It took a little bit of getting used to it, but now I don't want to put it down." Sarah, Bartlesville, OK “Best features: 1) The Grip 2) Appearance 3) The Performance” Christine, Posen, IL “Very impressed – Loved using it!” Barbara, Elmira, NY “—easier and more comfortable than any pen I’ve ever used.” Darla, La Vernia, TX “Once you get used to the finger placement, it’s easy to see how much better it is for your hand.” D. McMinnville, OR “I wrote a 4 page letter, would have written more, ran out of words, and no pain. (Arm pain writing ) Lynn, Fond D Lac, WI I’ve spent more money on a pen that didn’t write or feel as good – Thank you. Dani, Indianapolis, IN All comments, names, are on record at Dexterity Tech Corp offices and can also be verified through Today’s Health & Wellness Magazine.

Teacher to Teacher - Pet Grip (Gripe - Tendonitis) "I've tried every pencil grip on the market at all sorts of prices. I've tried the (---pen). I've tried wrist braces, but I really think you guys have the answer. …if you use a pair of scissors and cut open the back of the grip, it can be wrapped around just about any pen (even overhead projector pens) and works just fine. Tell your customers." Two months later (a reorder) "My tendonitis is better. I use these on my overhead projector pens when I lecture all day, and on my red roller ball pens when I grade papers. .. there's just no pressure required. Great little invention!" Six months later "And my wrist problems are much better than they were at this time last year, despite the fact that I'm actually doing more grading Last year I didn't even send Christmas cards (first time that's happened in 25 years), just because of the wrist. This year, I did send them, and didn't even regret it. I owe you..." Mary, Science Teacher, Houston, Texas

Journalists Relief "Your pens are a great relief of early arthritis pain! (I'm a journalist, so you can imagine how grateful I am.) I take notes and revise stories by pen, for hours a day; if I'd had your pens all along I might not even HAVE arthritis in that hand at 41!" Jeannette Batz Cooperman, Author/Reporter, St. Louis MO

Famous Photojournalist -- Med Student & Ezgrip Enthusiast -- now MD "I had severe hand cramps in my early premed years at Columbia (taking copious notes in chemistry, calculus, biology) and saw a hand doctor who observed the inappropriate and abnormal stress I used when I held my pen or pencil. ... I have been on the look out for good solutions to my problem since then. I still write copious notes (patient chart entries) these days and have grown to like your products the best …can’t wait to get my hands on your new pens, they look GREAT. ...something about just keeping your finger on the lip and it writes itself." Max Aguilera-Hellweg, New Orleans, LA NOTE: Max is a photojournalist & author of The Sacred Heart, An Atlas of The Body Seen Through Invasive Surgery (Can be purchased on; who at 39 years of age went to college for the 1st time (Columbia Univ, NY) a 3rd year medical student at age 47 - at Tulane U, New Orleans Note: Max is now Dr. Aguilera-Hellweg)

Polio -Renewed Ability "This is the greatest pen I have ever used. I had polio as a child, I've had a lot of pain in my left elbow when I write. I ripped my left rotator cuff about 20 years ago. I can't write much because I get a burning sensation in my arm that keeps me from writing much. To think-- I was going to return it (Ezgrip ResQ) because it wasn't any different than what's out there. But last night after talking with you about how to hold the pen-- instead of gripping which causes the pain--to letting it float through my fingers, IT WORKS!!! I wrote 10 pages of copy. I was able to sleep without the normal pain in my arm. I have a lot of pain and no drugs help, but I could write and then sleep. WHOA !!! What a gift for so little money. Thanks again for the new freedom in writing." Linda, Activist, Colorado Springs CO

Pilot G2, and Zebra Sarasa -- Slicing the competition while complimenting them "I had moved to one day of writing/keyboarding and one day off due to hand pain and cramping to the point where i couldn't turn the starter in my car after a day of writing. I am a fiction coach, writing & literature teacher, and write fiction of my own. Lots of keyboard and pen time. That kind of schedule kills much productivity. I use the grips with my Pilot G2 Red Gels that I love. I take an X-acto knife and slice off their grip, dip the Dextek grip in water (or spit) and slip it on. Works great. I ordered 12 of them and went on a slicing spree with Sarasa gels... If the grip can be sliced off and I can shove a Dextek grip on, I will. I also use the Gel Dextek pens, putting in blue gel refills for editing. I'm back to writing every day….and marveling at the lack of pain in my hands. Yippee! " Kathleen W. Fiction coach, teacher, writer, Utah More, More, More...

HUGE Difference "I had hand surgery last year for a ripped tendon in my left thumb and had to re-learn how to write as I am left handed. I ordered a few just to see how they worked and after getting them I tried it out… they didn't put a strain on my thumb or on my hand, so I tried to write with a regular pen just to see the difference and it's a HUGE difference. The regular pens put a strain on my hand because of the way you have to hold them." Melissa, Palmer Arkansas Patient Treatment

"I have used it in treatment with patients who have a weak grasp, arthritic hands and/or poor sensation (usually from diabetic neuropathies or nerve impingement like carpal tunnel). I really enjoy the grip and being a collector of writing instruments I cherish my EzGrip pen. I love your product and have found it to be far more assistive and comfortable to write with." George, MOT/OTR, Argyle Texas

Simple Comfort "It's a joy writing with them!" Drs Hettinga, University Professor, Netherlands

Back To Her Old Young Self "Great news, the pen is a great success with my daughter. The difference it has made to her mentally being able to write again is amazing, she was depressed and on tablets from the doctor. This has now all changed and she is more like her old self. All thanks to your pen. It's amazing what the ability to communicate again has made to her." Lawrence, Father, London, UK

JRA-Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis "We are THRILLED with our Ezgrips! It makes writing so much easier for my 11 year-old daughter with JRA! She was able to complete a whole math page without cramping or pain. I ordered them for her, but I also use them because they are so comfortable." Becky, Mother, Peachtree, NC

Is there any end to Ezgrips' beneficial qualities!!!

Is EzGrip the best and most comfortable pen and grip? We believe a comfort pen and grip, like beauty, is in the eye of the holder.

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