Dextek, EzGrip,completed a series of clinical and consumer studies with successful results. Dextek can guarantee EzGrip users will not get writer’s cramp.


The End of Writer’s Cramp rsi– Guaranteed!
Writers Find Comfort and “Wow” Testing the EzGrip® ResQ Gel Pen

SOUTHAMPTON, PA, Dexterity Technologies Corporation (Dextek) manufacturer of EzGrip® pens announced it has completed a series of clinical and consumer studies. With successful results, Dextek stated it can guarantee EzGrip® users will not get writer’s cramp, and persons that now have any existing form of hand difficulty such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other repetitive stress injuries (RSI’s), will find they can use EzGrip® pens without pain or discomfort. This is guaranteed. The patented EzGrip® pens use only one finger on a “comfort ledge” to apply minimal downward writing pressure. They do not require the usual three-finger-squeezing. The studies support the company’s claims and guarantee, unique in the industry.

“Wow, what a difference! Everyone that used it wants to not give it back.” Kim, Woodinville, WA
"This pen is so awesome! I have arthritis. It took a bit of getting used to, but now I don't want to put it down." Sarah, Bartlesville, OK " I can’t believe how comfortable it is to write with this pen.” (Arthritis) Virginia, Newburgh, NY “Almost too good to be true!!” Laura Caseville, MI “I wrote a 4 page letter, and no pain.” (arm pain writing) Lynn, Fond D Lac, WI “I absolutely love it!” (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) Cherry, Selma, CA “…easier and more comfortable than any other pen I have ever used.” Jon NY.

A study was conducted by Dr. Brian Davis, Cleveland Clinic Foundation Lerner Research Center for Biomedical Engineering. The purpose of the pilot study was to discover if there are advantages in one pen design over another to aid persons with repetitive stress injuries and help prevent problems. The results showed: The pen with the finger ledge (EzGrip® Pen) requires 57% less force than a standard pen, 40% more stabile in use, 50% more controllable than a standard pen with 1.25 pounds of downward pressure with no finger slippage. The results suggest the pen with the finger support ledge, EzGrip® will enable persons to write longer with less effort and would be easier to use by persons with hand difficulties.

Today’s Health & Wellness Magazine conducted a 280-person consumer study of the EzGrip® ResQTM Gel Pen. The pen received an 86% approval rating and was awarded the National Health & Wellness Club Seal of Approval. Products editor Nancy Derheim said she wanted to test the effectiveness of the pen because it is “unique, and provides a solution to problems experienced by many of our members.”

On the return questionnaire, “Wow” and “Awesome” were commonly used to describe the pen in use. The pen presented a slight challenge to some persons. Normally, a pen uses a three-finger, squeeze-and-push-down method. The testers had to unlearn this habit of many years and hold the pen very loosely. They reported, it took some practice at first. Once mastering the technique, they found it easier than conventional methods and noted an immediate reduction in hand stress. As one user, Linda, Colorado Springs, CO, put it “IT WORKS!!! I had to change from all the years of gripping to letting it float in my fingers.”

Because of this testing, Dextek is able to announce, unequivocally, “The End of Writer’s Cramp.” It is Guaranteed!; A money back offer is made to those not finding this to be true. It is more likely persons will not read or follow the directions or persons will over-squeeze the pens as they normally would. "It's an Unlearning process. If used as directed, writers will find the pens astonishingly comfortable. The pen glides as if on ice," Carl Bistrack, designer of the EzGrip said.

One note: This relates to everyday writer's cramp, and not a neurological disorder such as Dystonia. While EzGrip can help, it should be evaluated on an individual basis.

The EzGrip® ResQTM Gel Ink Pen, SRP $8.99 for the refillable gel pen, EzGrip® Ez1™ Ballpoint Pen $6.50, EzGrip® Pen/Tool slip-on grip $4.50. EzGrip® AdroitTM

Gel Pen/Stylus $55.00
All EzGrip® pens use standard Parker® style refills. They are available world-wide.
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