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ADROIT Gel/Stylus Acrylic Marble Pen  Marble design, Unique,  High qaulaity, twist mechanism, Adroit means: Nimble, skillful, adept, dexterous, nimble, able, capable skilled, expert, masterly, masterful, practiced, slick, proficient, accomplished, gifted, talented; quick-witted, quick-thinking, clever, smart, sharp, cunning, wily,resourceful, astute, shrewd, canny sty;us
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    Adroit Gel Pen/StylusUnique Handmade Acrylic Marble Gel Pen and Digital Stylus Twist MechanismNo two are identical marble designsThe Adroit pen has the agility and ease of the ResQ Gel Pen with a capacitive Stylus that goes anywhere Like other EzGrip products, it uses a single finger for ease of writing with a minimum of pressure and great comfort The value of that one finger stylus can be used on tablets, laptops or desk art screens – text or draw – scroll or design.Adroit Gel Pen/Stylus...