Remember when you were taught: HOW TO HOLD AND USE A PEN

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You may or may not remember, but you take it for granted, you always and forever knew. Almost doesn’t matter what you learned or didn’t. Now at your more mature age it can have an effect on you. Carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, writer’s cramp – it’s age, you know now…. Those things can happen to you after so many years of doing the same writing, or working with these things over and over again. It’s a simple task that doesn’t require much thinking. You just do it.

But, we’d like to ask a question (or two.) You found a pen, or a pen-like tool, that you liked. Maybe it’s the right color, or inexpensive, or executive-luxury expensive, or fat, thin, long, short --- you know – you liked it. OK so back to the carpal tunnel, arthritis, and finger-hand-cramp thing. You HIRED – in effect – the pen to help you do the writing or work for you. “HA!,” he says. Well, as they say otherwise, FUGETTABOUTIT!!!

The pen just doesn’t know who you are or what you’re doing or the way you want to do it. A pen doesn’t care. A pen’s not made to be flexible. You were taught how you have to use it. It wasn’t taught how to play with you. (Does any pen or grip play with you?)

You know about musicians and their musical instruments. The instrument plays whatever notes the musicians wants them to play, and if not right or don’t like them, the musician can change their position and the way they want their instrument to play. There’s a choice. Call it a creative duo. (or trio as in the musicians case) We only mean to concentrate on one hand of the musicians, not both. You only use one hand for holding a pen and writing, so trying to make an similarity – an analogy.

So back to the arthritis, carpal tunnel and other hindrance corrections desired.EzGrip lets them play – improvise. They play the tune in the way THEY want to play. The way they hold, the way they finger, an up or down or sideways movement EzGrip lets that work.

You think that’s crazy? It works!



(Blue, Red, and Black Ballpoint EzGrips shown here. ResQ Gel Pen vacationing.)

Unlike 99.9% of the usual pens, including 99.9% of the unusual pens (or grips). EzGrip can be played like no other pen or pencil-like tool. It ain’t how they taught you 20-30-49 years ago, it’s what’s comfortable and fits your needs the way you want to use it. Sound strange?

Take this as an example. You really don’t feel like squeezing a pen. You want to use your fingertip to write – just like you use it to type out your info on a computer keyboard. (a keyboard key?) (a fingertip to write?) How about a YES! Doesn’t every pen let you do that? NO! Apologies for interrupting a thought each time, but EzGrip lets you do what you want to do easily and don’t have to think about it. How much effort does it take to hit a computer keyboard key with that one fingertip? Was it difficult?

Of course there’s more. It doesn’t have to be squeezed to stay in your hand like a normal pen. An EzGrip pen, or using the grips with a pen-like working tool, won’t let the pen slip though your fingers. Or as they say in Italian – “no squeeza da pen.” (sorry) There’s also a German, Jewish, French… similar saying.

SIMPLE, PATENTED, EZGRIP, MINIMAL PRESSURE, WON’T SLIP, OUT-SHAPES-OUT-DOES the other range of pens and pencil grips available. Overcomes arthritis – fractures - cramping – neuropathies.. PROVEN! Comfortable to use. Don’t believe it? Check out WWW.DEXTEK.COM SEE IT AGAIN IF YOU HAVE TO

USE EZGRIP --- NO WRITER’S CRAMP --- GUARANTEED! (+ Dystonia – on an individual basis)


Pablo Picasso

Ps You probably can’t see an unweighted pen relieving writing hand tremors. EzGrip does.
Pss EzGrip – CLINICALLY PROVEN! (Cleveland Clinic)

Psss Dare to see more

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