• EZ-1 Ergonomic Ballpoint Pen - 84122
  • EZ-1 Ergonomic Ballpoint Pen - 84122
  • EZ-1 Ergonomic Ballpoint Pen - 84122

EzGrip Ez1 Ballpoint Pen, Arthritis, RSi Help & Prevention and Extraordinary Comfort Ease Of Use, Comfort, Overcomes any hand difficulties, No squeezing or pressure needed,

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    The EzGrip® Ez1tm Ballpoint Pen shares the same qualities, and is identical to the ResQ model in the way it performs. The difference is in the materials used in producing the translucent colors and the Ballpoint ink.

    The Ez1 is made for those who prefer color pens and writing with a ballpoint. The ballpoint ink refill is a standard ink that writes more easily than standard pens. All refills are interchangeable between all EzGrip pen models..

    As with all EzGrip pens - only the slightest touch of that one first finger tip is needed to provide downward writing pressure. Like touching a computer key – but lighter. The other fingers can just go along for the ride. It’s not the usual everyday writing experience, but one more comfortable and advanced..

    In practical terms, using the ergonomic pen EzGrip Ez1 Ballpoint Pen, it’s possible to never again get writer’s cramp, or hand cramps of any type – never again contemplate the onset of any Itis – Tendonitis, Arthritis… or RSI’s such as Carpal Tunnel. Syndrome. In practical terms it also means that even having those conditions may not matter. The mechanisms or weaknesses may not enter into the writing process at all. The EzGrip pen is often called the "miracle pen" for persons with arthritis, tendonitis, and other hand problems. It means it is your pen, a students’ pen, teachers pen, doctors pen, nurses pen, attorneys pen – anybodies penHere’s Why
    Using the EzGrip as described, the built-in mechanisms within our hands and arms that create those weaknesses are actually disconnected or bypassed.

    See:OuchZonesThe patented EzGrip enables the individual to switch positions. And rely on other fingers. Many of us write in personal ways. The EzGrip allows users to switch fingers at any time to adapt to their individual style of writing. More specifically, the thumb can be used for downward writing pressure – even the middle finger knuckle. There is no incorrect way to hold and use an EzGrip. It’s your choice. Left handed? You'll now be in charge - no settling.
    Help Stamp Out and Prevent Writer's Cramp! Use EzGrip

    Are EzGrips the best and most comfortable pen and grips?
    We believe a comfort pen and grip, like beauty, is in the eye of the holder

    EzGrip®Questions/Comments: customerservice@dextek.comUS Utility and Design Patents, Asian Patents Pending
    All EzGrip Pen model refills are interchangeable and use Parker style refills

    EzGrip Harmonious Products Group

    EzGrip Pens make notes the way you Want! With thanks to Pablo Picasso

    3 EZ-1 Making Notes
    A homage, with apology, to Pablo Picasso
    Only photographs were used. They were shaped to fit – bent, twisted, wrenched, curved…, but no actual harm came to any EzGrip in the making of this illustration. cb