Adroit, Gel Pen,Stylus, Handmade, Acrylic, Marble, Twist Mechanism, The Adroit is half ounce heavier than the ResQ Gel & writes as easy.
WHITE MARBLE ADROIT EZGRIP | ergonomic pen & stylus
  • WHITE MARBLE ADROIT EZGRIP | ergonomic pen & stylus
  • ADROIT Gel/Stylus Acrylic Marble Pen  - 31003
  • ADROIT Gel/Stylus Acrylic Marble Pen  - 31003
  • ADROIT Gel/Stylus Acrylic Marble Pen  - 31003

EzGrip Adroit Gel Pen, Arthritis, RSi Help & Prevention and Extraordinary Comfort Ease Of Use, Overcomes any hand difficulties, No squeezing or pressure needed, Acrylic Marble Gel Pen and Capacitive Digital Stylus 

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    Adroit Gel Pen/Stylus   (NOTE: Maroon out of stock)

    Unique Handmade Acrylic Marble Gel Pen and Digital Stylus Twist Mechanism

    No two are identical marble designs

    The Adroit pen has the agility and ease of the ResQ Gel Pen with a capacitive Stylus that goes anywhere

    Like other EzGrip products, it uses a single finger for ease of writing with a minimum of pressure and great comfort The value of that one finger stylus can be used on tablets, laptops or desk art screens – text or draw – scroll or design.

    Adroit Gel Pen/Stylus Handmade Acrylic Marble, Twist Mechanism The Adroit is half ounce heavier than the ResQ Gel & writes as easily.

    Here's a warm-up session – a Look, an Acceleration, a Curve, an Appealing Test. You will Use, See and Feel a Handmade EzGrip® Instrument that’s not just a Unique Chassis it has
    Adroit’s a ride with lightness of superior grip absorbers and unmatched steering. It’s a vehicle that allows for individuality in safety and style – regardless of speed. Track-proven! Appeal-proven! Medically-proven!
    It's Just a Pen BUT No other writing instrument makes these claims!

    What EzGrip® Adroit does:
    It helps polish the individual skill.
    It adds to dexterity. Makes the user skill clever, artful and nimble.
    It’s a fingertip-touch for writing and for digital stylus functionality.
    Masterful, playful acrylic art design and color. No two pens identical.
    EzGrip® overcomes and eliminates hand and finger difficulty.
    Thousands have proven this in the EzGrip® original form – ResQ and Ez-1
    Used by writers world-wide

    Gel Pen – Parker Style Refills, Premium Twist Mechanism
    EzGrip® Patented Grip - One Fingertip, No Squeezing
    Overcomes/Cancels Cramping, Arthritis, etc. All EzGrip® Pens require minimal downward writing pressure. Can Write and Steady Pen under it's own weight @ 1.6 0z. Acrylic Body with Mother-Of-Pearl Sheen, Hand Made Machined not Typical Poured Molded Plastic
    Conductive Stylus - wide range of Touch Application iPad/Android, Keypads, Mini, Games...
    Stylus Replaceable Refill

    1.5 X weight of ResQ Gel Pen – 1.6 oz Acrylic Marble and Twist Mechanism.

    The EzGrip Adroit Gel Pen/Stylus @ $55.00 is available through internet and store retailers
    * Parker is a registered trademark of Parker Pen Corporation

    ADROIT - (Old French)| a•droit

     expert in using the hands or body; nimble 2. cleverly skillful, resourceful, or ingenious.
    skillful, artful, bravura, deft, delicate, dexterous, expert,
    masterful, masterly, practiced,, virtuoso, workmanlike, skillful,adept,dexterous,nimble,able,capableskilled, expert, masterly, masterful,practiced,slick,proficient, accomplished,gifted,talented; quick-witted,quick-thinking,clever,smart,sharp,cunning,wily,resourceful,astute,shrewd,canny

    Unique One-Of-A-Kind Acrylic Marble Handmade Pen and Stylus

    EzGrip Versatility Is Unmatched
    Festive EzGrips (Special Edition) 

    EzGrip Adroit is clever at both ends - write or text. With thanks to Andy Warhol.

    A tribute, with apology, to Andy Warhol
    Only photographs were used. As you can see the by the tone of the art, the illustrator was under attack. 
    Even so, no EzGrips were harmed.  Empty threats were used to keep them at a safe distance. This is an approved method outlined by the ASPCIO -American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Inanimate Objects.Their purpose, EzGrips believe, is to work, not sit idly posing for illustrations. Please order so they may work, and not harass. As is known - Idle hands... cb