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Ergonomic Grip

Put Your Finger On The Solution!

Overcomes Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, Writer's Cramp ...

Squeezing Too Hard -- Fingers Hurt -- Hand Hurts Keyboarditis -- Arthritis -- Cramping -- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome -- Tennis Elbow -- RSI's Weak Grasp -- Fingers Lock up -- Arm Hurts -- Broken Hand?


EzGrip® Provides Great Comfort & Easy Writing
EzGrip® products are held as you normally would except
You use one fingertip with no squeezing

The name says it: It's an easy grip - easy to use - easy to write. You use one fingertip for flexible writing. No three-finger-squeezing & push-sideways-and down. Not needed. The EzGrip pen grip requires minimal holding. It will not fall or slip through the fingers.

The comfort grip and light touch is truly a surprise.
They adapt to your individual style of writing right or left-handed.
Other related parts are actually neutralized. (see OuchZones)


- Effortless writing - Greatly reduced grip forces needed to write
(see The End Of Writer's Cramp) - Increased writing comfort and control
- Helps prevent the onset of finger stress injuries such as writer's cramp.
- Helps reverse existing difficulties.
- No Pain Writing. No Soreness - overcomes pressures that cause discomfort.
- Neutralizes any hand difficulties writing - PERIOD.

Arthritis - Tendonitis - Sore Fingers - Sore thumbs texting - Cramping - Repetitive Stress Injuries - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Tennis Elbow - Broken Finger ..
EzGrip® is valued as much for looks and style as writing advantages - true ergonomic pens and grips. The purpose of ergonomics is injury prevention and working comfort. If you're using a pen, scalpel or any other pencil-like instrument, EzGrip products can help amplify your natural ability, your adroitness. Many people have taken the time to share their experiences. They report that EzGrip ergonomics gives them more comfort, more control with less effort - to the extreme.
EzGrip® is patented! It is so unique in aiding control and enhancing ability that it has been awarded U.S. Utility and Design patents. * Does not include neurological disorders such as Dystonia. While EzGrip can help, it should be evaluated on an individual basis. We have a special holding technique for persons with Dystonia, a major advantage. Also see, Testimonials

See: ResQ page - How to use .
Our grip is proven to overcome stress.
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